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Acid Hologram

Produced between the end of 2013 and 2017, Acid Hologram is a record that travels between past, present and future. It is a real mix of different styles, this makes it difficult to define as a genre. Analogue incursions typical of acid and electro fuse with the melodic immediacy of trance, cohabit with cruel drum breaks and crazy IDM interventions, creating a scenario composed of different styles and nuances, bizarre as well as emotional, enveloped by an idea of euphoria typical of the underground music of the early 90s, that allowed us to rediscover a personal sound, without compromise. (WeMe Records)

Many of the songs on this album have been unexpectedly supported on important radio show as the famous NTS Radio, and I Love Acid by Posthuman.

Ifonlyuk review, for the special ACID HOUSE CORNER #16: “Out on cassette and digital, Genoa-based producer Useless Idea makes his debut for Belgian imprint WeMe. The artist is a bit of a mystery, possibly hailing from Italy and just a few appearances until now on some compilations on EVES and Touched Music…? The album is an accomplished work of prime Braindance cuts – with heavy emphasis on ‘dance’. Seventeen tracks (most clocking in under 3 minutes) exploring breaks, techno, electro, ambient, IDM, and general weirdness – with a very heavy dose of acid running through everything. Picks for 303-laden dancefloors here are ‘Bobi Song’, ‘Toytown Techno’, ‘Selector Break’ and ‘Gabber’”.

Recommended by: Solvent (Suction Records) and Mad Miran for CLONE.NL chart

Limited cassette tape work! Vivid acid track! From the popular Belgian avant-garde techno label WeMe among enthusiasts, Italy’s newcomer Useless Idea from Genoa drops a new album! That produced a deep sign that expresses an intense avant-garde musical style with vivid acid synths in continue rotation! A work that shines with the abstract sound that leads to Aphex Twin and Squarepusher! Please hurry! ! ! ! (by www.technique.co.jp) 

Canvas 100×80 . Private Collection _ 2019

Canvas 100×80 . Private Collection _ 2019

Canvas 100×80 . Private Collection _ 2019